OC Wedding Reception

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OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception OC Wedding Reception

What could be better than getting married and having the best wedding ever??? Doing it all over again! My husband and I were lucky enough to celebrate our marriage twice with all the family and friends that weren’t on the island for our actual wedding. This time though,  we were in our home town and had the best backyard bash! It was simple, fun, and memorable….just our style.  Listed below are some details:

Theme & Decor: Our backyard bash was completely DIY and had a boho vibe with flowers everywhere, I mean everywhere. Flowers were on every table, hanging from the trees, and worn on my head and I loved it!! My husband also owns a 19972 Westfalia VW van that was the backdrop for our homemade photo booth. Guests loved it and the pictures turned out bright and beautiful.

Games: Every backyard wedding needs some games! We had corn hole, massive tick tack toe, and a ring toss game. Guests enjoyed it and so did we! It was a creative way to interact with our guests and make the night fun!

Dessert: I love how weddings have evolved to serving anything you want for dessert. No need to order a massive cake, we can serve what our taste buds love most….and that would be s’mores! Our guests enjoyed a full on s’mores bar where they could customize their own fiery treat. Our party favor was a little something sweet as well. After a long night of dancing, the thing you need most is a donut! As guests left our reception they got a Krispy Kreme to nibble on on their ride home. It was one delicious reception.

Drinks: The reception took place on one of the hottest days in August so delicious cold drinks were a must. The hubs was in charge of beer and I was in charge of the fruity stuff. ; ) Our family friend is a beer connoisseur and brewed his own beer for our special day. When Austin and I got engaged he surprised us with our very own “Propose-ale.” For our reception, he brewed up more tasty concoctions. One of my favorite drinks to sip on is Sangria. Another family friend helped us create a signature sangria to serve. Delicious!

Our day was filled with so much laughter and fun. We are so blessed to have celebrated our marriage twice with people we love. Each time was special in its own way. But none of it would be possible without our families who we are extremely thankful for. Our wedding(s) were so meaningful to us in many ways, two amazing days I will forever cherish!


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