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As you might have noticed, dessert bars are my thing. There’s just something about creating a whole table full of yummy sweet treats that gets my blood pumping. I love searching for the perfect recipes that will provide a variety of flavors, textures, and looks so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

A very special little friend of mine was having her first birthday a few months back and I took on the task of creating the dessert table for her party. Her mom had chosen a donut theme, “donut grow up,” which was very fitting because this little girly is growing up right before my eyes! Plus, can it get much cuter than a one year old and donuts? I mean, c’mon.

So, once I heard the party was going to be donut themed, I knew immediately that I just had to make donut sugar cookies. I also threw in cookie milk bottles and 1s with a “bite” taken out of them to give the illusion that a sneaky one year old had already gotten to all the cookies. Another treat I made for the table were French macarons with banana caramel filling and raspberry filling. To go along with the theme, I, of course, had to include actual donuts (from the store), cupcakes topped with the fluffiest homemade marshmallow frosting and mini donuts, as well as dipped donut holes. Once all the treats were baked and the table was decorated, it was the cutest donut dessert table for the cutest one year old in town.

Peace, love and donuts, Krysten