Mantra 5

“Some days you work out and eat healthy and some days you sit on the couch, watch TV, and eat ice cream. It’s called balance and that is beautiful.” – Mary and Krysten

It was this quote that started it all, our quest for balance and beauty. Often times we find ourselves running through the motions in this crazy life. Rapidly transitioning from one thing to the next, never quite finding that balance between work and play, stressed and relaxed, or even working out and sitting on the couch. Sister and I are in search of finding our own balance in our lives. Each of our definitions and meanings of balance may be different but finding our inner peace and fulfillment is something we can all strive for together. At the same time, part of that balance is being happy and content with yourself. Happy with who you are, happy with how you look, and happy with the world around you. Part of this adventurous quest we are on is to find the beauty within us and the beauty around us. Luckily, I have the greatest sister in the world to take this journey with.

Keep balanced and beautiful, Mary